Nectar Yoga B&B on Bowen Island – Day 3

The morning class was an easy Flow/Hatha – but it was the hardest Warrior II I’ve experienced. I think it was the fact that the teacher took the time to explain the alignments and postures in great detail. This was not only helpful as a student, but also as a teacher myself, trying to learn any new ques whenever possible. When the pose is done correctly and held for a longer period of time, it gets you sweating and muscles burning!

The others staying at the B&B slept in, so it was just myself and a drop-in taking the class.

The breakfast today was customized for my needs (thank you Andrea!). The smoothie was made with coconut milk, and the fruits mixed with coconut yogurt. The waffles were gluten-free, and tasted heavenly!

Not sure if I’ve ever tipped a B&B or if anyone else does, but I felt so happy, I couldn’t leave without a thank you card and tip.

After leaving the lovely B&B I checked out the Artisan Square before my ride on the ferry. The square, along with the town is very quaint, and has the little town, but charming character. As their marketing for the island goes, it’s slow there, but friendly and down to earth.

The lineup for the ferry is a bit confusing. There are lanes on the side of the road that are reserved for the ferry. However, with intersections and lights cutting through it, you sometimes wonder if you’re in the right lineup. Also, you don’t have to pay for the ferry ride going back to Vancouver. So it’s pretty much like paying for a round trip. However, they don’t tell you that, so it may be confusing if you aren’t aware, and you’re trying to find a place to purchase tickets.

Upon returning, my cortisol shot back right up, pouring out into the traffic jam, already a car honking at me to go, even though I can’t cross the intersection since the other side is full. People don’t acknowledge or thank, whether in car or in person, and I felt a greater coldness of the city than I have ever felt.

Time to start thinking about booking Nectar Yoga for next summer…

*Note: I am not in any way sponsored or affiliated with Nectar Yoga. All views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to the blog owner.

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