Nectar Yoga B&B on Bowen Island – Day 2

I didn’t sleep much, but that’s not because of anything to do with the B&B. I just don’t sleep well when I don’t have my own bed. Since I finally fell asleep past 3 am, I slept through 2 of my alarms and woke 10 min before the morning meditation/yoga class. I quickly got ready and rushed to the geodome.

Surprisingly, the the teacher didn’t show up. Perhaps there was some confusing with the schedule, so Andrea taught instead. This time, it was an intermediate level with headstands, but still accessible for the beginner next to me. It was so nice to have a yoga class right in the middle of nature, and to be able to see out the geodome through the clear plastic parts. It’s a very nourishing feeling with the new sun shining through.

Afterwards, Andrea rushed off to make our breakfast. It looked amazing! I wish I could have something like it prepared everyday! Despite the delicious food, it was a bit of an issue for me since I had requested no-gluten and no dairy (there’s a whole list of other things, but those are the main). I later learn that she didn’t see those requests, so it may be a technical issue with the website. That being said, if you have serious allergies, it’s best to tell her in person on day 1. She also gave me a discount for the troubles.

Beautiful breakfast!

As a person who usually packs her trips with a tight schedule because I want to do everything, it was hard to decide what to do – or not to do. I decided that the reason why I’m here is to take a break from everything, and since I’ve been especially stressed out the last 2 weeks (probably the highest this year), I knew my body was asking for rest despite my mind wanting to venture out to explore.

So I took a book onto the little hill with two chairs and soaked in the sun for a while.

Afterwards, I drove about 25 min to the other side of the island to Cape to check out the beach. It would probably take you 15 min if you could drive faster than 40km.

Unlike beaches in Vancouver, at Cape, there were no sand. It was large gravel, so not quite so comfortable, but I came prepared with some blankets and a small cushion. It was kind of loud as what seemed like a group of young kids learning how to sail were there. By the time they were leaving, I was leaving as well.

Trying to find a place for dinner is a bit of challenge – especially on Mondays and Tuesdays where a lot of them are closed. Not only that, those that are open, close at 4pm. Most places that you travel – in the world, has a McDonald’s (helps when you need something quick, or you don’t speak the local language), but not here. No Timmy’s either, or Canadian Tires, Safeway, No Frills, or any other recognizable names.

Although there were a couple of options for dinner, it was really hard for someone who had a gluten-free and no-dairy diet. Being accustomed to Vancouver where you have a wide variety of choices, I decided to try out The Pub and take out a burger and fries – no bun. It tasted great, but it wasn’t cooked well!

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