Nectar Yoga B&B on Bowen Island – Day 1

My yogi friend told me that her friend had a yoga retreat on Bowen Island. I was surprised to see that things were pretty much booked for the next 3 months, so I had to wait, but it’s good since I’m able to go when the weather is the best in mid August.

With the disappointment of a yoga retreat in Hawaii, I was a bit on guard for this one, even though the website and reviews were all fantastic.

It’s my first time to the island, so I was excited to see what it was like, despite being quite small. The speed limit on the roads seems to be 40km, so I had to keep reminding myself not to speed, being used to driving in crazy Vancouver. Yes, the island’s speed limit is 40km, and in the town area, 30km. However, even if you wanted to go fast, the hills and steep curves makes it undesirable to go any faster. Also, Andrea later tells me there are lots of deer on the island as they have no natural prey, so it’s best to drive with caution as they can be wandering around on the road. I saw 3 of them near the road while on the island, unfortunately, no photos of them.

The yoga place is easy to miss. Despite knowing the address and was keenly watching out for it, you come upon a small, but slight steep curve, and the entrance is right there when you would naturally push on the axel as you come out of the curve. The sign is small, so I passed it. Luckily, without much traffic, I backed up a bit and drove up the driveway.

Don’t miss the small sign!

The driveway up.

When I arrived, Andrea greeted me and showed me to the Nectar Loft. I was blown away at how much better it was than expected. The photos I saw online were great, but to see it actually so lovely was really nice. The decor is amazing, and even though it’s a small loft, it seems very airy, and doesn’t feel cramped at all. The space is well thought out, to even the smallest detail. I love that the interior decor accent is my favourite colour, teal.

The lovely interior.

Counter to eat at, TV, books to read…

With wooden lofts/cabins, I was afraid of rotting wood or little critters, but this place is well kept. Very modern style – like a show-home, but surrounded by serene nature.

Small kitchen, but it’s got everything you need: kettle, 2 burner cook top, a small fridge. The ladder goes up to the loft bed.

Dresser by entrance and my mat matches the interior decor 🙂

Up the ladder, the organic cotton queen size bed awaits

Laughing Buddha welcomes guests

Details, details, details

Clean, modern bathroom

The Nectar Loft from the outside

Hammock to relax & chill in nature

Nice patio for the Nectar Loft

As I marvel at the cosy 330 sq.ft cottage, I get ready for our first yoga class in the geodome.

Steps up to geodome (the rocks are not huge, I’m just crouching)

The dome was much smaller than I expected, though that’s not a bad thing. I guess in some of the photos, it seemed as though 15-20 people could fit…but it’s more like 5, which is nice, so that it’s super cozy and the teacher can assist everyone.

If you’re a bit of a city girl and are used to its conveniences, then the Nectar Loft is ideal. You get a full kitchen to cook (helped me since I have a strict diet, so eating out can be tough) and the shower and toilet is ensuite (compared to the Forest Cottage which isn’t). This also was somewhat of a concern since if I run into my IBS issues, I didn’t want to be stuck on the toilet for hours that’s outside, especially after going to bed.

With yoga, comes yoga lifestyle and choices, so it’s nice to see that the place is concerned about sustainability and being eco-friendly. They only use natural cleaning products, soaps, and shampoos. They have a small compost bin in the kitchen, as well as a bin for recycling. You’re asked to be conscious with the use of electricity, turning off lights or the heater when you’re not home. Water usage must be used responsibly, and I didn’t have water for the first couple of hours, as I was told there was a big group before that used it up. Even after, you do need a bit of patience at times, so it helped that I had brought 3 water bottles on the trip. (the water is drinkable though).

Natural cleaning products, soaps, and shampoos

For bedtime, I climb up the ladder up to the loft bed. It’s nice, big and comfy. The window is a nice touch. I went to bed grateful for this place.

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