Toronto – Day 3

View from friend’s office

In the morning, I went to check out my host friend’s company that he worked at. I got to meet his co-workers and office environment. His coworkers were interested in asking questions on how the friend was when he was a child, as I had known his since we were 9 years old.

Afterwards,I got to ride the subway and streetcar, heading to the City Hall area where the big Toronto sign was. Funny thing is, I had briefly seen the one in Vancouver on Canada day, but since it was so crowded and busy, I didn’t bother to stay to take a pic of it. Now I hoped that I would be able to find the words for every city I visited.

Art Fair in downtown Toronto

Beautiful metal artwork!

Oh! So pretty!

We got to the Art Exhibition and started to check out all the different tents with the artworks. Glass, textiles, paintings, sculptures, metal, you name it. After a couple of hours, we headed to the mall right next to it for lunch at the foodcourt. Then back at looking at more art.

But then the sun came out, and it was sweltering hot. OMG…so hot and humid. After a while, we decided to go home. Yes, on foot. After we got back home, we were so exhausted. As we slouched around on the couch, the movie Twister was on, so we watched it. So nostalgic! We both loved this movie when we were young!!

Performers at the Cultura Festival

Musicians playing one song with different instruments from around the world

Later on in the evening, we headed to Cultura Festival where we listened to music with instruments from around the world. Pretty neat! My friend was not happy with a drunk old man who was a bit disruptive in the audience.

To keep our wallets happy, we had leftovers and some microwaveable food at my friend’s place that evening.

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