26-Day Eastern Canada Trip

As Canada celebrates it’s 150th birthday, there isn’t a better year to travel Canada than this year. The timing for me was right to take a break from everything and to explore the Eastern side of Canada. I haven’t done much solo travelling, so this was somewhat of a daunting task. I am pretty shy, and although my shyness and fear of everything has gotten much better, I was still uncomfortable at times in venturing out. However, my motto has been “Fear limits us. So limit fear.” You never know what will happen in life, so take the opportunity when it presents itself, and go for it. Be brave.

I’ve travelled to Japan on my own, but that was pretty much it. Alone to get there. Once I was there, there were relatives to help me, though not all the time.

Last fall was the first time I decided to take a vacation to Hawaii. (I hope to blog about this later on) but even then, I only stayed in Waikiki, Honolullu by the beach and the Diamond Hike. After I flew to the Big Island, I met up with my friend since grade 9 who lives there now who became my host and tour guide.

But this was the first time to do a backpacking trip from one city to another. With my numerous health issues, and something coming up every trip I had, I was anxious of not having another person if anything should happen. Nothing was ever life-threatening (knock on wood), but still, it helped when there was a companion around.

But you only live once! And who knows how my health or life will be. This was an opportunity not to be missed! And so, I take a deep breath to begin this 26-day journey across Eastern Canada.

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